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Portfolio Axure Wireframing

The use of wireframing tools is not a UX qualification. Tools simply enable the UX designer to communicate their vision to the team.

Axure is my wireframing tool of choice, although Adobe's Experience Design (XD) has made some great advances recently, and is perhaps more useful for multi-page layouts. Axure is great to emulate existing UI functionality too.

The AxureShare facility gave it the edge when injecting new features and sharing these with the team.

What is Axure?

Axure is a wireframing tool similar to the Sketch app that enables static or dynamic wireframes and prototypes. It enables interaction and logic via a simple interface, so knowledge of JavaScript is not necessary: only an idea of UI business logic.

Axure is available at a reasonable per-licence cost from

Axure Support and Training

low fidelity wireframe layout

There are vast libraries of Axure support and tutorial materials available.

It's not that Axure's own suport materials are poor - far from it! But each business will want their designers to concentrate on focussed areas of its vast features.

On leaving HMH, my New Features teams asked that I leave a tutorial. I gave them seven "lessons" tailored to their immediate needs over two afternoons. It's the least I could do as they were left without a replacement UX/LD resource.

XLT Axure Tutorial

By means of quick licence to demonstrate some of my Axure skills, you can visit the tutorials I put together so quickly for my friends. You may even like to follow along one or two lessons if you are rusty, or are just starting out with the program. The password is Experience.

Be quick though. This link is available for a limited time only.

Device screen showing log in screen of Experience Learning Too AxureShare site