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Small business website and digital strategy review
Be the gamekeeper, not the game +353 (0)89 466 8861
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Get your small, starving business fed online
I don't build websites for you.
I get your website to work for your customers... Email Me Call Me

Get an honest website review

My services are tailored to you. I use three levels of service to guide you on costs. Your first appointment or call is without charge.

  • Level 1 Review
  • from €100 + VAT*
  • Impressions
  • What's in it for me?
  • User Journey
  • Engagement
  • Ease of use
  • Recommendations
  • *UK £90 + 0% VAT
  • Level 2 Review
  • from €300 + VAT*
  • As for Level 1
  • Business strategy
  • Site strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Social strategy
  • We will talk
  • *UK £275 + 0% VAT
  • Level 3 Review
  • from €600 + VAT*
  • As for Levels 1 and 2
  • Search strategies
  • Under the hood
  • Update pathway
  • Full consultation
  • We will talk more!
  • *UK  £540 + 0% VAT

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Key benefits

Have an independent review and opinion to know that your website is well organised, written, and executed. Be certain that you or your website vendor have successfully:

  • Fostered meaningful relationships and trust with your customers from the get go
  • Answered your customers' biggest question, "What's in it for me?"
  • Reached out inclusively to ALL potential customers using accessibility, usability, and learning design strategies
  • Provided positive experiences for your online customers of your brand, values, and products
  • Engaged with customers throughout the marketing and purchase process
  • Understood what SEO is and how you are to manage and improve it.
laptop, tablet, and mobile devices

Great digital design teams are expensive. You get what you pay for.  Many are formed by graphic artists lacking in usability skills. Maximise your investment by being the gamekeeper and not  the game.

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How we will work together

You will take the driver's seat. I will collaborate directly with you, your business, and with your customers.

If you have a website vendor then I will work with them for you to ensure that their product meets your needs and wants. Your website can then exceed your expectations and wow your customers with delight.

We will test your vendor's digital marketing and commerce strategies and identify practical areas of what and where to improve their services for you.

We will chat over suggestions on where your pages should or can be improved. You may learn some some basic digital skills to apply to your site and content in the future. You will learn that creating an inclusive user experience and fostering relationships with your customers is more important than how pretty your site looks.

Ultimately, we will take the guess work out of your website, forms, and transaction design for your customers.

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About me

Photo of Pat Godfrey
Pat Godfrey

I want to give your small business website every advantage.

When exploring the digital space we experience it through our senses. We experience learning too. With a background in teaching, e-learning design, and user experience design and as a consultant user experience designer, I exploit our digital consumers' thirst to learn.

Your budget website vendor irritates me when they fail to delight your customers. Clipped graphics, trite templates, poor writing, and unnecessary bells and whistles have no place in your business.

As for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), does your vendor really know how that works across search engines and not only in Google? And what should, "social network integration"  or "service design" look like?

You may not be comfortable in all aspects of our digital marketplace.  You have a business to run, after all! So how great can it be to have someone "on the inside" to lean on and to review your new website design and make certain that it truly meets your needs?

I want to help. How may I help you?

An analogy

Building a website is a little like building a van for your business:

  • Imagine that you want a new commercial van. After years of research, design, development, testing, etc. by thousands of skilled and qualified experts a new van is expensive. Too expensive?
  • But we want a van! (It's a website you want, I know. Stay with me on this).
  • A team down the road will build you a van for a few hundred Euro. It'll has an engine and it starts and stops. It may have a cool stereo and a nice badge. It looks grand. You pay €80 per hour for servicing, which it needs each 30-days. You find it's bushes and disks need replacing before the year is out. It becomes more expensive. Too expensive? But we want a van! (The website is the van -  look, we're nearly there).
  • Why not build yourself a van? Sure, and if you work hard and long enough, it might even look like a van...(or a website, yes?)
Getting a website made is a little like buying a van
cartoon of a 'Trotters' reliant van and dodgy saleswoman

We want a website!!!

Yes. A website isn't a van and if you create a DIY website, or engage the budget vendor team down the road to build one it's not a bad thing, but is it the right thing? Sure, budgets are tight. So if you go for the cheaper and lower skilled options, how do you know if they are any good?

Making it work for you

Bring me in as your skilled and independent advocate to review your, or that small vendor team's work. Let's give you your confidence back in your digital presence. I won't blow your budget. My Level One Service is priced to give you a leg up without breaking your bank, and our first call is free!

You see, I come from the world of expensive vans ...websites, apps, and platforms. I know what looks good, and what works well and I can offer tangible and achievable strategies to improve your or your team's website.

If you've already laid out your cash to the team down the road you may have been squeezed into a template like it's Cinderella's slipper. You are not Cinderella! 

With a little effort, we can feedback on that slipper and together get it stretched to fit your business and maximise every cent you spend on it and possibly without costing anything more. If the website is shoddy, then you have a right to make it right. Get control of your website! Let's talk!

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