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Contract digital design solutions and services Supporting cognition and learning to create positive experiences

The variety of display devices today includes desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, phones, and even watches

Your digital solutions have no room for scalped bell-curves, fashion-led compromises, or a second-hand "Cinderella's slipper" template. You are not Cinderella and that slipper may never fit?

My name is Pat Godfrey. My tailored consultation is available to your agile eLearning, web, platform or app design teams either remotely from my XLT studio, or when embedded on site in Ireland or the UK.

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Design inclusive experiences

One inclusive design. One product usable across devices.

A tablet device showing an accessible and usable fluid-responsive design

Contract services

Universal Experience

Offer your customers the best universal experience of your brand, values, and services.


Communicate with and present information for your customers' understanding.

User Interface

Facilitate an accessible, usable, learnable and useful conversation with your customers.

I will collaborate with our users, stake-holders, product owners, and agile design teams toward an improved Universal and User experience. Together, we will create business and "user flows", sketches, wireframes, and interactive prototypes to illustrate, agree, and to test designs.

Our designs will draw from and grow on evidence (research), analysis, best practice, and through consultation with your enterprise leaders, clients, and wherever possible our service users.

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Key benefits

  • Design usable, accessible, fluid-responsive, 'mobile-first', and safe digital environments and services
  • Signpost intuitive pathways through processes, transactions, and learning
  • Orient your digital space, products, and services to the way your customers think, learn, and act
  • Promote engagement with your content
  • Organise content semantically using information architectures to inform, engage, and enthuse
  • Ensure effective and people-first interaction from analysis to evaluation
  • Reduce cognitive overload and motor effort; make space for decision making and creating a 'sticky' environment in which to complete transactions.
  • Foster a relationship between you and your customer
  • Aim to reduce Customer Service calls and enable customers to self-serve their support needs

Build customer loyalty with an excellent Universal Experience of your enterprise.

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Effective design

Visual design is only skin deep!

Your digital product looks great, but does it connect with all of your digital consumers?

There are seven layers to the Internet, and the visual presentation layer is just one of them. Your fashionably presented content may not be available to, or usable by all of your potential customers.

This great and light-hearted article by Emil Lamprecht, 7 Signs This Person Isn't Actually a UX Designer may help my case?

…"an often misinterpreted role, the job title 'User Experience Designer' is becoming one of the most abused titles in the tech industry, full of fancy User Interface (aka, graphic) guys who’ve added wireframes to their portfolios and claim to be UX experts. Sounds harsh? Perhaps…"

Set meaningful tasks for your consumers

Online, we gather consumer information and organise consumer tasks using forms. Your forms may look great, but do they encourage your consumer to use your service?

Great forms are so much more than only User Interface design. They are a User Experience and are an integral part of your consumers’ Universal Experience of your product, values, and brand.

Great forms are easy to complete. They communicate, collaborate, and corroborate between your enterprise and your consumers’ goals. They encompass design specialties such as Information Architecture, User Flows, Performance Support, and Error Negation and Management. Does your team have these attributes?

Communicate the universal experience of your brand

From searching for, to enjoying your services and products, your User Interface and User Experience Design are only a part of the Universal Experience of your enterprise and brand.

Connect your consumers' online experience to your service design and business needs.

Pull consumers in: do not push them (away)

There is a balance between pushing your consumer or allowing them to pull themselves into your products and services.

Design your Information Architecture, Copy-writing, User Flows, and User Interface to support your consumers inclusively. Engage and talk with each consumer as an individual. Leave them wanting more!

Experience learning too

How does UI and UX design fit into the seven layers of the Internet?

Why is a great User Experience essential?

What is usability, accessibility, or responsiveness to User Experience?

What is user-centric design?

How important is visual design?

What makes digital strategies and products work?

Why Experience Learning Too?

Review Services

Invite me to review your small business website or enterprise platform from as little as €125 + VAT
(£120 at Zero Rate from the UK).

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logo Linked In"Pat is a well-educated, hardworking and innovative person, who has been re-assigned by our client for 5-years. He has performed a variety of roles, including Learning Designer, Lead Designer, User Experience Consultant and Interaction Designer, specialising in the UX and IxD of platforms for multiple Agile teams. He has a passion for Learning, he is self-motivated and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking to utilise his skillset in the foreseeable future."

Andy Scott
Business Development Consultant, Triad Resourcing

Tom Holt"Pat possesses the key traits of a great design lead: a team player who listens and is an active practitioner. I have worked with Pat intermittently over the years and never failed to learn something. I was impressed with his enthusiasm to overcome challenges with a smile, and to go the extra mile to delight the BAs and Product Owner. I hope we cross paths again."

Tom Holt
Business Analyst, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Tamara Friedman"Pat brought creative UX design to our help landing pages, coordinated and implemented Google Analytics across multiple projects (divided among 5 Tech Writers), performed every task and responded to every request with thoroughness and follow-up, and, in general, brought freshness and humor to our team discussions that I will truly miss. He was a pleasure to work with!"

Tamara Friedman
Technical Writer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

JC"So impressed with your work Pat. I wish you were on the UX team as your ideas come so natural. With...UX there is a lot of back and forth and opinion differences that we often agree to disagree. But every project I have worked with you on, it’s been makes my job so much easier and I believe the customer experience is top notch. Thank you!"

Jim Cveykus
Program Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Kaleem Bhatti"Pat follows a fluent methodology when investigating and designing, synthesising information well and conceptualizing solutions in a usable and often visual way. He... writes succinctly and clearly, has excellent diplomacy and people skills and demonstrates the ability to discern business development opportunities."

Kaleem Bhatti
Senior eLearning Developer, Service Now

Mark Kobylanski"I worked alongside Pat for a year and in this time he showed himself to be diligent, intelligent and determined. He has a creative mind and a strong academic learning design background that he brings to bear with an infectious enthusiasm."

Mark Kobylanski
UX Consultant