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Updated by : July 2018

I design inclusively. I enable visual design to follow a great User Experience and not to lead a poor one.

I am the UX designer you are looking for to maximise your customers' experience of your products, brand, and values. If you only need beautiful screen-grabs and bright stock photography, then you may be Selling the UX Short with the 50% UI Role?

There's more to experiencing the Web than looking at it.

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As your designer

Ideally paired with your graphic designer I research, design, and deliver the optimal user experience and interaction design for your digital product and platform.

Forged from the user-centric learning, and service delivery industries, our products inform our users through multimodal content and experience. (View my Professional Profile).


Our users' behaviours and environment affect their experience and performance. Research and analysis inform the service our users and our enterprise need and the delight they want.

I collaborate using sketches and wireframes or using HTML and CSS. Our teams share learning and forge rapport and common goals toward a 100% UX design workflow. We test together and deliver best in class services and experiences to our enterprise and for our users.

My Philosophy

What is important to our user's experience (the UX) is the design thinking; the knowledge that invites inclusivity and allows visual and user interface (UI) design to follow a great user experience, not to lead a poor one.

It is not about 50% UI, but 100% UX. Graphic design does not create a delightful user experience on its own.

My design philosophy is to get the content and architectural basics right using research and analysis.  Our interaction and communication with our user is paramount. We evaluate using basic wireframes and then decorate to confirm the experience.

There is more to UX than visual design
cartoon person at desk with object in hands says, it looks great, what is it

Our users' experience

To be delightful, our design must be inclusively accessible, usable, learnable, and useful to all our users. Visual cues communicate, complement, and even ignite the design although not all of our users will perceive them.

  • Our users must be orientated to the task you or they want to achieve.
  • Content must be accessible, legible, and understood by the target reader regardless of their browsing device or technology, cognitive and physical differences, or preferences.
  • Forms should be easy and intuitive to complete risk-free.
  • Videos and audio content must have usable alternative content access strategies that all our users can use inclusively and without special skills or equipment.
  • Content should print without waste.

An inclusive philosophy is the least expensive and takes least effort, yet it is the most compromised and abused.

1Note: Web users are not all visual: not everyone experiences or comprehends in the same way that you might. Great digital design is about inclusively encouraging curiosity, fostering trust, knowing our users, and enabling our users inclusively to experience learning too.

Inspiration from Patch Adams

This famous movie clip taken from the Universal Pictures 1998 movie, Patch Adams is a source of great inspiration. The brilliant Arthur Mendleson character summarises what we need for a great UX:

You're focusing on the problem. If you focus on the problem, you can't see the solution. Never focus on the problem!

...See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see... out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world a new each day!

My background

100% UX Design: I am a trained user experience, learning, and interaction designer and can communicate with our techies in HTML and CSS and coach them as well as learn from them matters of interaction, usability, and accessibility. Although not a trained graphic designer, I can "do" your UI design, too.

My background is clinical excellence, training, and education leading to eLearning and digital design including web, app, and platform UX and UI design.


My colleagues label me an innovator, which is cool as innovators have loads in common with artists - and as an emerging digital artist, it boosts my id. (See my Side Projects below.)

As an innovator, I want to create new experiences and optimise the routine. According to the W5 (Dublin) web site, innovation and creating new stuff takes inspiration, imagination, and creativity.

I don't imagine or design randomly. Combining user research with business analysis, I build an empathy for our consumers' needs and environment. As a designer, I then imagine how our enterprise will deliver the best experience - and test the hypothesis toward developing the right solution and Universal Experience.

While working with HMH, I received a team award for my innovative approach to our user experience, information architecture, and user interface. 😇 I was a little surprised. That's the way we all work, isn't it?

Note: Innovation isn't inventing: it is about closing the gaps between frustrating, the expected and delightful experiences with or without novel solutions.

HMH SCD "Blaze A Trail Award" 2016
Awarded to Pat Godfrey for taking your team to new places - do not go where the path may lead. Instead, blaze a trail for others to follow.

What I do

As a User Experience designer, I research our users and create inclusive interactions and content for them: not just for the "screen".  UX design reaches across documents, data spreadsheets, presentations, forms, performance support and other digital output too.

As a Universal Experience designer, I ensure the parent and product brands align; that our customers experience the same values and service levels across all modalities and channels.

I work with developers, engineers, and creative designers to offer the best "user" and "universal" experience for our digital product users.

My spare time

In my spare time I have assisted local volunteer and charity organisations and small businesses to reach out from the Internet. They don't much care for the intricacies of UX or web design, which makes distilling their wants and needs more than refreshing if at times, challenging!

I also enjoy feeding Facebook groups with insights around their web presence and commerce and guide them toward inclusive online strategies. You can also find me answering questions occaisionally on Qura and Medium. They keep me in touch with real-life design problems, general user expectations, and irritations.

UX and UI articles

My articles help to explain to my clients what I do and how I think. They form a part of my Portfolio and play a strong role in my continuing professional development. Our practice evolves and the articles are a fun benchmark from which to monitor my Continuing Professional Development. Topics include universal and user experience, interaction design, writing for the web, and service design.

booklet illustration with sample article cover

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My studies

IADT logo I am now studying the part-time MSc User Experience Design at IADT Dún Laoghaire 2018-2020.

You can follow my studies and assignments in my student blog.

Although I already hold a Masters Degree in eLearning Technologies, which included aspects of learner and user experience, I am keen to refresh and improve my UX practice. And I love learning!


Reading broadens our outlook and perceptions of our areas of expertise and those of others. it is an essential process to challenge us and to extend us. Review my searchable UX bookshelf if you like.

My side projects

We all need a bit on the side. My own side projects include painting and helping small organisations with their web and print product design.

Art exhibition

My first week-long solo exhibition, "Traction" took place at the ARTBANK Bunclody in Co. Wexford during July 2017. The exhibition was specially extended to August 16th. You can find some of my digital paintings on Behance.

Artwork for my 2017 exhibition
Pat Godfrey's Traction exhibition July 11 to 15 at ARTBANK Bunclody

Facebook - Art of Pat Godfrey

Prints for Sale

Print design

In 2017, I was commissioned to provide the logo, graphic, and copy design to the inaugural Streams of Bunclody Festival I voluteer time to. The designs required were for the festival logo, large street signs, banners, leaflets and programs, meal vouchers, dance tickets, etc. There was an emphasis on locality and re-use. The festival team achieved a Merit in the Bank of Ireland Enterprising Towns Awards, November 2017.

The Streams of Bunclody Festival Designs
Design for Streams of Bunclody Festival 2017

In July 2018 I designed logo and booklet (PDF 500 KB) to the 2018 Bunclody Festival following the theme of, "Alice in Bunclody" (inside 36 hours!)

The Alice in Bunclody Festival Booklet
Design for Streams of Bunclody Festival 2017

I volunteer minor graphic work to small business too. The work enables me to get close to small enterprises and their customers to test out ideas and to seek feedback about the online products that they routinely use or commission.

A recent promotional poster
Poster for Maureen Moorhead quality uniforms in Bunclody, County Wexford

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Triad resourcing"Pat is a well-educated, hardworking and innovative person, who has been re-assigned by our client for 5-years. He has performed a variety of roles, including Learning Designer, Lead Designer, User Experience Consultant and Interaction Designer, specialising in the UX and IxD of platforms for multiple Agile teams. He has a passion for Learning, he is self-motivated and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking to utilise his skillset in the foreseeable future."

Andy Scott
Business Development Consultant, Triad Resourcing

Tom Holt"Pat possesses the key traits of a great design lead: a team player who listens and is an active practitioner. I have worked with Pat intermittently over the years and never failed to learn something. I was impressed with his enthusiasm to overcome challenges with a smile, and to go the extra mile to delight the BAs and Product Owner. I hope we cross paths again."

Tom Holt
Business Analyst, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Tamara Friedman"Pat brought creative UX design to our help landing pages, coordinated and implemented Google Analytics across multiple projects (divided among 5 Tech Writers), performed every task and responded to every request with thoroughness and follow-up, and, in general, brought freshness and humor to our team discussions that I will truly miss. He was a pleasure to work with!"

Tamara Friedman
Technical Writer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Jim Cveykus"So impressed with your work Pat. I wish you were on the UX team as your ideas come so natural. With...UX there is a lot of back and forth and opinion differences that we often agree to disagree. But every project I have worked with you on, it's been amazing...it makes my job so much easier and I believe the customer experience is top notch. Thank you!"

Jim Cveykus
Program Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Kaleem Bhatti"Pat follows a fluent methodology when investigating and designing, synthesising information well and conceptualizing solutions in a usable and often visual way. He... writes succinctly and clearly, has excellent diplomacy and people skills and demonstrates the ability to discern business development opportunities."

Kaleem Bhatti
Senior eLearning Developer, Service Now

Mark Kobylanski"I worked alongside Pat for a year and in this time he showed himself to be diligent, intelligent and determined. He has a creative mind and a strong academic learning design background that he brings to bear with an infectious enthusiasm."

Mark Kobylanski
UX Consultant