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Updated by : April 2020

I am Pat Godfrey. I design successful universal solutions to meet your business and digital consumer needs. (I solve stuff and work to make things simply better).

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Contracted to August 2020 on extension, and as a part-time student with the IADT's MSc UX Design programme, I am unavailable for contract UX or LD roles at this time. Bare me in mind for roles within the Dublin area or remote from my own digital design studio in Co Wexford in the New Year.

Pat Godfrey

My wide skill set supports our consumers' cognition and learning to create only positive user experiences. Analysis drives delightful user journeys through effective information architectures, contents, and transactions.

As an advocate for the way we think, learn and behave, I design our contents, interactions and experiences inclusively for accessibility, usability, usefulness, and learning preferences across channels, devices, and abilities.

I consult closely with stakeholders, your agile teams, and with customers to promote a 100% UX team perspective. Together we deliver the responsive, mobile-first user interface (UI), communication, and content your customer needs and your business wants.


  • UX (universal and user experience design)
  • IxD (interaction design)
  • LD (learning design)


I am a qualified designer, teacher, and manager specialising in learning and customer transactions in the digital paradigm. Go to the About Me page for more.

My hobbies include digital painting. I held my first art exhibition in July 2017, which was extended for 4 weeks. I am also being coached in how to paint with acrylics and will in turn hold workshops using Microsoft PowerPoint to produce vector graphics. Find me on Behance.

Relevant assignments

A Google Charts time line:

Note: not available before August 2021.


Consultancy roles

  • UX (Universal and User Experience Design)
  • IxD (Interaction Design)
  • LD / LA (Learning Design / Learning Architecture)
  • TW (Technical Writing / product support)
  • ID (Instructional Design)
  • IA (Information Architecture)
  • eLearning Strategy and Design

Design priorities

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Learnability
  • Usefulness
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual Fashion


  • HTML5
    • ARIA
    • CSS ('Vanilla' Cascading Style Sheets)
    • SASS / LESS (Cascading Style Sheet Strategies)
    • jQuery (JavaScript Library)


    • Paper and pencil
    • Axure (Wireframing and prototyping)
    • XD (Adobe CC Experience Design)
    • Sketch (Wireframing/art direction)
    • Principle (Annimated UI demonstratons)
    • Indigo (Infragistics Indigo Studio)
    • Comp (Adobe Comp mobile CC)
    • DW (Adobe CC Dreamweaver)
    • AI (Adobe CC Illustrator)
    • PS (Adobe CC Photoshop)
    • Corel Painter (2019)
    • Rh (Adobe CC RoboHelp)
    • Wix (Website service)

    Media production

    • Camtasia (Video and Tutorial)
    • Pr (Adobe CC Premiere)

    Recent study

    • Frameworks (e.g. W3C CSS, Material)
    • Technical SEO (Google, Bing, OG)


MSc User Experience Design

IADT Dún Laoghaire, 2018-2020

Graduates work in senior UX roles including UX strategy, user research, user interface and user experience design, usability testing, and project management. Graduates use a range of tools to exploit the theory and practice of UX design and its underlying principles:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Design thinking and Speculative design
  • Fundamentals of UX Design
  • Psychology, Usability and Visual Design
  • Interaction design and prototyping
  • UX Design Engineering and Strategy
  • Usability testing

Distilled from IADT study page.

MSc Electronic Learning Technologies (Distinction)

University of Portsmouth, UK, 2004 - February 2007

Equipping designers to operate both practically and strategically in the development and promotion of eLearning resources in the widest range of educational environments. Including:

  • Human Computer Interaction and Interface Design for Cognition and Education
  • Design for diversity
  • Practitioner Research in Education
  • Instructional Design
  • Strategies for the Development of Online Courses
  • Use of media in Educational Materials
  • Learning software development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Flash)
  • Networks (Internet and Intranets)

Graduate City Guilds Institute, Leadership and Management

City and Guilds, UK, 2006 - 2006

Comparable level to a British honours degree. Recipients prove operational ability and expertise at a middle management level.

Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education)

University of Portsmouth, 2002 - 2004

Core professional teacher qualification in the area of post compulsory education.

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My bookshelf

If you visit my searchable UX bookshelf page, you will find it filled with the usurpers and survivors of a decade of intense change.

In addition to being a reference resource, my books cause me to reflect on my interests and strengths. I love my teaching and education bookshelf and still it is the technology and techniques of User Experience and User Interface design that my imagination elopes with.

The Internet is awash with articles and support groups too. I use them to to fish fresh solutions and compare improbable problems my impatient coding raises. Books fuel my curiosity. Online articles only fan the fire! Above all, I love to experience learning too.

My UX bookshelf has evolved with the Internet, its technologies, and with UX and UI practice. Older books contain much to reflect on as History is a great tutor. In design, the reasons for doing are as important as the doing itself. (An example is my article, Defending the “hamburger” menu UX). The older volumes alive on my bookshelf are those I believe still hold value to our specialty.

❮ Portfolio My Design Process ❯